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According to the Vogue report, last week there is a Cheap MCM Caps Party was held on Berlin. More than 50 Pieces of MCM caps are for Hot Sale because some celebrities want to sell their own MCM products to people and then devote the money of reselling to help the poor.

Among those nice mcm caps, cognac and black colors kept about 30% of all caps. From this point, we can clearly know that people especially the famous stars also prefer to the color which can pair with their short t-shirts. And cognac and black colors belongs to dark ones which can fit for them. From a boy who appeared in that party, he said that he like black one as his loved start prefer to black. And he would like to spend 100 dollars to get one. This money was saved within 2 months from his mother gave him as a reward of housework. We interviewed him later and found that he did get the MCM Caps for Cheap finally. We can clearly see that happy smiles was in his little face. We hope that all MCM fans in the party can get they loved products.

Also we have met with another friend Jack, who wore a nice red polo which he just bought from the store across the street. He said that he will pick up red leather of MCM caps if it is available. We just have a browse and found that there are quite some few caps with pink and red leather. Then we noticed this is because most of those celebrities are men, so colors are more similar to men styles. But finally, he picked up another MCM Backpack for Cheap in Cognac Color and we also gave him our best wishes.

People always want to get what they are seeking for. If they can reach this aim, they would be quite happy, which you can find through their faces, movements. But if you cannot get what you are dreaming of, then also you don’t need to be so upset and disappointed. Chances are always the same for everybody, if you cannot get the cap in right color for yourself, you can also have the opportunity to find that one from our store: We also provide some MCM caps sometimes with low prices as reward to support parties like this in Berlin. So guys if you have the spirit of seeking for the best, then hurry up and make yourself more richer now. No matter in your own thinking or wallets, both are quite welcome for sure.

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Cheap MCM Hats for Son

I know a young man who called William, a skilled and talent artist for long time because we are neighbor since childhood. He have two boys and a beautiful wife who can help him to deal with the housework and do SOHO trade business which can earn 4000 dollars per month. But then something not good happened ten years ago: one rainy night, the older son little William got a bad fever, but thinking that it is just a kind of some disorder, neither William or his wife Beauty  focus on this little disease. But unfortunately, the little William passed away that night for sudden. Some days later, both them realized that it is is just a normal disease just if they take some care and the the matter could be avoided, he felt quite quite guilty and felt quite sadness during several months. Finally, he went to the local store outlet and bought a piece of cheap MCM hats with black color and put in front of this son’s room.

But to make this thing worse in some days later, his wife beauty felt too guilty and sadness, left the home without any notice. A happy family break and could not be back to formal as before now. The bad hurt and pain of two hurt make William could not bear any more. He began to drink everyday and bad things happened. With the more drink, he began to lose more he owned, the house, the land. Finally, he had moved to another town to resent a small house with his younger son.

Ten years passed and I almost forgot about William until one day I was on Vocation and met with Little William, who named Jack now. Who is a caring, loving adult men and he always take care of his boys very carefully. We could not see any bad family experience on him. I asked him for the reason after talking with him for more than two hours. And he said: my father is not successful in the property for sure. But there is still some thing can keep him as a good father in my view. When i was just 12 years old and dreamed to own a piece of good White Cheap MCM Hats and then I told father, but he have no money at all to afford such expensive cap. Then he didn’t drink for more than one month and finally I got the MCM hats. This little matter touch my heart and I never asked more request future and began to study hard and find my loved cheap Ferragamo belts till I graduated from Harvard University.

cheap MCM white Cap

MCM white and black caps are for sale for your boys now

MCM Caps of Black Color are for Cheap this Week

Most of us prefer to black and white color of clothing when there is any choices for us. Because these two colors can pair with your clothes better than other colors, especially the black color.

Last night I and Jimmy went to the Coach outlet to take a browse of new men bags as Jimmy plan to buy a new one before he joins the new company, where his salary will rise to 5000 dollars per month That is a great inspiration for both of us. Mine is already 6000 dollars per month because I am a SOHO of trade business. Now he also catches up with me after changing to a new boss. Because of this, he desired to change to a new messenger bag, to a designer bag one. So we went to the Coach outlet and hope that we can find some bag we like. Well after browsing for sometime, finally we found that there is a nice men black bag is quite fit for him and the price is just 200 dollars. We bought it without no delay and then moved on to the next step.

The next store we walked into is just the MCM Cap store. There are more than 50 pieces of MCM Hats are displaying there with colors: black, white, blue, cognac, purple, pink etc., As I boy, I prefer to cognac color cap and Jimmy prefer to Gucci Caps for Cheap, both caps just cost each of us 175 dollars which is quite favorable because there are top class leather material and the design are of this year’s new.

And there is news that Mr. TOM CRUISE will attend the Glorious Goodwood ladies party, and if both of us wear such nice cheap MCM caps to attend that party because we are in London now for vocation, then we can get close to him and take some pictures. Then we will share with them on Facebook to let my friends envied both of us. This is a rather good ideas for sure.

Time passed quickly, we both spent more than 600 dollars for that cheap Versace belts this day, expect for that Coach men bag and MCM caps, what other items do you think we bought from the designer street. Just follow us on this blog and I will share with you the new shopping stories later.